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Missing Moments by Chris Trevas

I’m really digging these.

The first is something I’ve never really considered before, I always just kind of thought Lando was like “Oh shit, the Empire” and just did exactly as he was told without much resistance. The second one took me a minute, but damn that’s a powerful image. The third is funny. The fourth and fifth are things that I’ve always just kind of taken for granted. Then there’s Han and Chewie that time the Empire boarded the Falcon, which I honestly found kind of funny. The last two are honestly kind of sad. I’ve always been fond of Bail Organa, and for me I think the worst thing about Alderaan being destroyed was his death, because I feel like he would have made a fantastic galactic leader, especially after Palpatine. I’d never really considered that Vader himself directly gave the order to kill Owen and Beru, but… damn. I really don’t know what to say about it.

Good stuff